Ilona Ru


Bombay Beach is a little town located by now toxic lake named Salton Sea in Colorado desert, that used to be a popular resort back in 1950s. Salton Sea is the biggest lake in California was formed due to a flooding of the Colorado river in early 1900. The sea was polluted with pesticides from nearby farms by the late 1970s. Its polluted water is saltier than Pacific Ocean, created an impossible environment for living creatures and touristic activities.

Nowadays Bombay beach is a census-designated place with a population of about 300 people. Besides locals who live there 365 days a year, Bombay beach attracts artists, who come there to build a community and give a new life to this place. Since 2016 Bombay beach has its own art biennale, there is also an opera house, a museum, several art installations, a gallery that exist among and inside of semi-destroyed houses in this strange, empty place that once was full of life. 

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